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Ari De La Mora is a self-taught figurative painter born and raised in Mexico.

Ari holds a degree in Advertising with a specialization in Creative Visualization from the University of Communications in Mexico City.

After moving to Canada, she began participating with the Vancouver Art Gallery.


With a strong influence of the female portrait she reflects classical and modern interpretations juxtaposed with cultural anthropology themes.  Ari's artwork had been exhibited in a group and individual exhibitions in Vancouver, United States and Mexico.


Her recent exhibitions include three consecutive years participation with the Mexican consulate in the city of Vancouver "Traditions and Contradictions" and  "Bridges and Friendships 1st and 2sd edition.


Passionate about culture, social anthropology and spaces that promote connections between cultures and communities, Ari has collaborated with the Museum of Anthropology, the City of Vancouver, the Granville Island Cultural Society, the Vancouver Mural Festival, UBC department of Latin American Studies and the Consulate General of Mexico with cultural projects, art workshops, seminars and talks.


In collaboration with the publisher The Publishing Eye, in 2018 "The International Day of the Dead book " was released, a compilation of three years of a public art project related to the perception of death from a variety of cultures, created and curated by Ari and hosted on Granville Island from 2015 to 2017.

SIC14POR_aridelamora_location (776).jpg

I’m Ari De La Mora a figurative painter.


I have always been passionate about culture and anthropology, people inspire me, with the stories permeating from their eyes, either in the past or in the present


My artistic energy revolves around a strong influence of the female figure, on my paintings I reflect a classical and modern interpretations, juxtaposed with cultural anthropology themes that are presented at a very personal level.

My vision of life speaks of a feminine center, I see the woman as the root of human existence, like a core in which everything revolves around it.


Experimenting with figures and situation that first appear on my sketch books and  referring to the contemporary freedom of my time as well, this helps me on my continuing necessity to tell stories, creating a combination of  art with culture, presented it in an honest and  visceral way.


Art should communicate regardless of the time and space, be empathetic and universal.

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